Customer Creation Steps

When creating a new customer, there are three sections to be completed:

  1. Overview
  2. Contacts
  3. Addresses


  • Name. Enter the customer name. 
  • Customer Manager. Enter the internal customer manager name.  This list will be based on the list of created Employees. 
  • Tags. Optional field. Enter any tags for the customer.  These can be used to highlight specific customers. 
  • Notes. Optional field. Enter any customer-specific notes. 
  • Customer image. Optional field. Upload a customer logo or image. 


Each customer can have multiple contacts. 

  • First Name. The contacts first name. 
  • Last Name. The contacts last name. 
  • Telephone. The contacts telephone number. 
  • Mobile. The contacts mobile telephone number. 
  • Email. The contacts email address. 


Each customer can have multiple addresses (e.g. they span multiple buildings). 

  • Address Name. A unique name for the address. 
  • Address Line 1. Street address, line 1 (e..g 123 Main Street)
  • Address Line 2. Street address, line 2 (e..g Suite 456)
  • City.  
  • State. 
  • Postal Code.
  • Country.
  • Notes. Enter any address-specific notes. 

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